Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Short Film script

Theme : "A boy goes on a date with a girl of about the same age for the first time. The boy is a gizmo geek and he gets busy with his blackberry........


Scene : At a park outside a coffee shop, the GIRL is already waiting at the entrance. All around, people are jogging, couples are walking together and chit-chatting. She glances at her watch and purses her lips nervously.

GIRL (looking around slowly) : Kahin galat spot par to nahin aa gayee na ? I guess we had decided on the park gate opposite Cafe Coffee Day.

She carefully examines some boys, but decides they are not whom she has a date with.

Then an autorickshaw halts right in front of the park gate, and the BOY exits quickly after paying the fare. He spots the girl at the park gate. He checks his BlackBerry and looks at her Facebook photo to confirm. She's the same girl.

BOY : (To himself) There she is.

He walks briskly towards her. Now the girl too spots the boy walking quickly towards her. She determines he's her date and raises her hand to wave at him. Boy waves back and finally reaches her.

BOY : (Smiling nervously) Hi. You're Sheetal right ?

GIRL : (Smiles back) Yes. Hi Rajiv.

BOY : Sorry, I'm a bit late. There was a morcha near SV road....so..the auto

GIRL : Its OK, no problem. Mujhe bhi sirf 5 minutes hue yahaan.

BOY : (Relieved) OK fine (looks to the cafe). What do you say we do ? Shall we walk around the park, or go to the cafe directly ?

GIRL : Umm...kuch bhi....Er...let's have a walk first ?


They start to walk slowly. Since they're a bit shy, they look here and there but not at each other for 8 to 10 seconds.

BOY : (Speaks finally after a few tense moments) You look the same as in your Facebook profile. Not a change at all.

GIRL : (A bit shyly) Oh...thanks. You look the same too, except for the hairstyle.

Boy struggles a little to take out his Blackberry from his tight jeans. Girl tries to hide her excitement, while anticipating a small gift like a chocolate bar, or momento.

BOY : (After taking out his Blackberry) See your Facebook profile ? I actually spotted you immediately when I got down from the autorickshaw.

GIRL : Oh...yes, you're right. Maine waisi hi dress pehnee hai.

BOY : Shall I show you my status update ? (quickly pushes some buttons. Then shows the screen of his Blackberry to the girl.)

GIRL : Nice....That's sweet. (She gets more shy, as his status update reads : "On my first date with Sheetal. At the Joggers park in the evening".

Boy glances a look at the girl, and senses her shyness.

BOY : Oh...nothing much. I actually updated it just now in the autorickshaw. This Blackberry has a good internet connectivity and is quite fast.

GIRL : Yes.

Both continue walking. Boy now keys in something on the phone before sliding it onto his pocket. Due to that, he gently bumps into the girl.

BOY : (straightening himself) Oh I'm sorry. Tum theek ho ?

GIRL : (almost blushing) No problem. I saw you were logging out of Facebook, so you probably missed.

BOY : (smiles nervously and looks at her) Heh heh....yeah.

GIRL : Yes....So umm....what do you do ?

BOY : I'm in my final year at JJ college. What about you ?

GIRL : I'm in my final year at Xaviers.

BOY : Oh, good college.

GIRL : (shyly) Yeah.

By now they've completed a round of the park.

GIRL : Chalo, shall we go to the cafe ?

BOY : Sure.

They walk up to the restaurant and halt at the entrance.

GIRL : We can get a seat facing the park....(scans the seats). How about that one ?

BOY : Sure. Its good.

Girl proceeds to the seat, hoping that the Boy will help her get seated. But when she turns around, the Boy is busy taking snaps of the park on his Blackberry. She just continues standing a bit sheepishly for a few seconds.

After a few seconds, the Boy spots her standing near the seat, and rushes to her.

BOY : Oh Sorry. I just thought I'd take a few snaps of the park where we first met.

GIRL : (smiles awkwardly) No problem....ahem.

Boy helps the girl get seated. But when he proceeds to his own seat, he bumps into a waiter, and his Blackbery falls down.

BOY : (in a loud voice) Oh no !

Waiter : Sorry sir.

GIRL : (anxiously) Kya hua ?

Boy hurriedly picks up his phone, and punches a few keys. Heaves a sigh of relief.

BOY : (To waiter) Arey, no problem. (To girl) I thought mera phone was ruined.....I..

GIRL : I hope nothing happened.

BOY : Thankfully nothing.

Girl is now impressed that he did not shout at the waiter, as she'd read somewhere that this is a sign of a good nature.

GIRL : That's good. Shall we order ?

BOY : Yes. Tum choose karo.

Girl scans the menu, a bit pleased that the Boy offered her to choose.

GIRL : How about a Mexican Pizza ? (looks up from the menu to the boy).

She sees the boy thumbing on his Blackberry again. He doesn't respond.

GIRL : Er....Rajiv, did you choose already ?

BOY : (As if startled) Uh...no. I thought tumne kuch chose kiya, right ?

Girl tilts her neck and glances at his Blackberry for a second. Then she looks at him with a confused expression, a bit disappointed that he didn't listen to what she said just now. Then she looks at her menu again and speaks.

GIRL : Ahem....Actually, I said how about a Mexican pizza ?

BOY : (Now looks up) Great. I'll have that too.

GIRL : Waiter ?

Waiter comes and takes the order.

Waiter : Any juice or soft drinks madam ?

Girl looks at boy with an inquisitive look on her face.

BOY : Pepsi for me. How about you ?

GIRL : Sure.

(To waiter) Two Pepsis also please.

Waiter goes away.

GIRL : Phone par koi important message tha kya ?

BOY : No. Not at all ! Just checking some SMSs, that's all.

Girl now thinks that the boy is fidgeting with his Blackberry, because he is probably nervous. She now decides to cut the ice and diffuse the tenson.

GIRL : Well, so how's life at JJ ? I've heard your college festival was very good.

BOY : Yes. It was quite good. Xaviers ke muquable ka hai.

GIRL : Hmmmm....I've heard that too.

BOY : So, can you tell me about your hobbies ?

GIRL : (A bit relaxed. Tosses her hair shyly.) Umm....I like reading fiction, swimming......

She hasn't completed her sentence, and the Blackberry rings loudly. The ringtone is a loud rock-song by Rihanna. Some other people in restaurant too glance in their direction because of its loudness.

GIRL : (A bit startled) Oh....I...er… like that song.

But the boy has already picked it up and started chatting. He lunges back on his chair a bit stylishly, and talks for a few seconds. The girl meanwhile looks around silently, scratches her hair, taps the table with the fork and then looks on the table, waiting for his conversation to finish.

BOY : (Disconnects and hunches forward on the table) Oh I'm sorry. That was a friend from college.

Then his forehead develops creases, and he furiously punches something on it. Then he looks up.

BOY : Ok. You were saying something ?

GIRL : (Sighing, and gives a weak smile) Main keh rahi thi, that my hobbies were reading fiction, swimming, and even blogging.

BOY : I like blogging too. I blog from my Blackberry to express myself. (He chuckles and beams a smile)

Boy now puts his Blackberry forward to the girl and opens his blog. Girl scrolls down the blog to read something. Now the Boy suddenly develops an excited expression on his face, and snatches the phone from her.

BOY : Wait, just a second. You can even make a voice comment on my blog through this (punches a few keys and passes the phone to her)

GIRL : (now feeling awkward) Uhh..? Yes, I can see that.

BOY : Toh...kuch bolo.

GIRL (on the phone speaker. Expression is blank) : Err....Hi Rajiv. This is Sheetal. Nice blog, keep it up.

BOY : (shyly, looks on the table and glances at her) Thanks for your comment.

Their pizza and soft drink arrive. Both take a slice each, and start eating.

Now the Boy eats with only one hand, while he holds his Blackberry with the other. The girl now concludes that he is a techno-holic. She nevertheless likes him.

GIRL : (To Herself) Yaar, the guy's fine but yeh to phone par hi chipak gaya hai. Is he nervous ? Mujh par dhyaan detaa hai, lekin baar baar phone mein ghus jaata hai. How do I divert his attention from the phone to me ?

While eating, the Boy occasionally looks up to the GIRL from his BlackBerry and smiles very shyly. She too smiles back shyly, but awkwardly. Then she has a glance at his BlackBerry and gets an idea. She smiles to herself.

GIRL : (hinging forward towards Rajiv) Achha, you're from JJ college right ?

BOY : (munching his pizza and looks up from his BlackBerry) Yes.

GIRL : Do you know Sushmita....Lalwani...Mangwani ....something ?

BOY : (munches slowly, and jogs his memory) Sushmitaaaa.....yes I think so. She's in second year, right ?

GIRL : Well, I can't remember. (Now eyes brighten up) But I have her photo on my phone !

She slowly takes out her phone from her bag. It is an iPhone-4, which is the latest iPhone model. As she casually scrolls though the pics, the Boy is a bit stunned and stops chewing.

GIRL : Haan, yeh rahi. See ? (Passes her phone to the Boy).

BOY : (Sheepishly and awkwardly) Oh...yes,yes...that's Sushmita...heh heh....sh...she..she's in ssecond year.

Boy wipes his face.

GIRL : Thank God the phone's photo is visible. That's what is good about it. Iss phone mein photos ka background etc. can be changed, you know ? 12 megapixel camera. So photos are crystal clear. Baaki toh its just okaaaay. Theek-thaak phone hai. (makes a bored face. Rolls eyes).

BOY : (Still staring at the phone) Huh ?...yeah, right!

Girl then slowly slides the phone into her hand-bag. Boy looks up to her. Then girl's eyes and boy's eyes meet. They stare at each other for 2 seconds, and an unsaid communication happens.

BOY : Er...heh..heh..Hey did I tell you my hobbies ? (Quietly slides his BlackBerry into his pocket, for good now. Hands on table and looks fixed on his date).

GIRL : (excitedly) No. Tell me, na ?

BOY : Well, I like reading books, movies, even Harry Potter..........

GIRL : I love Harry Potter !

BOY : Have you seen all the movies ? I missed the last one....

They have a good date thereafter, without distraction from phones and other gadgets.

--- The End. ---